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What Happens When You Get a DUI? [Infographic]

by Aaron Delgado
06/07/17 (Updated: 02/14/23)

When you get a DUI in Florida, the consequences you face will depend on the details of your DUI and your DUI history. Initially, you will be facing potential fines, license suspension, increased insurance premiums, vehicle restrictions including impoundment or immobilization, community service, probation (Probation rules), and jail time.

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Infographic: What Happens When You Get a DUI in Florida

what happens when you get a DUI - infographic

Florida DUI Fines

Whether this is your first DUI offense or your third, a DUI conviction will result in mandatory fines. The amount you are required to pay will depend on your DUI history, blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest, and whether or not there was a minor in the car with you. Ultimately, these fines can range from $500 to $5000 or more.

Post-DUI Arrest Chemical Testing

If you refuse to take a chemical test (try out our free Blood Alcohol Calculator) after being arrested for DUI, you will face the following consequences:

  • First Offense: 1-year license suspension
  • Second Offense: 18-month license suspension if driver’s license has already been suspended for refusing a chemical test
  • Third Offense: 18-month license suspension if driver’s license has already been suspended for refusing a chemical test

It is important to note that if you have already had your license suspended for refusing a post-dui arrest chemical test in Florida, it is a misdemeanor to refuse another chemical test.

Minimum Jail Time for DUI in Florida

According to Florida DUI laws, a DUI conviction is a criminal offense. If you are convicted of DUI in Florida, you are facing the following mandatory jail time:

  • First Offense: No minimum.
  • Second Offense: Minimum 10 days in jail.
  • Third Offense: Minimum 30 days in jail.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Florida?

While most states keep a DUI on your record for a minimum of ten years, Florida will keep a DUI conviction on your record for 75 years and will not allow any DUI convictions to be expunged.

Seek an Experienced DUI Attorney

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with DUI, it is critical to speak to a DUI lawyer immediately. Since a DUI is a criminal offense in Florida, it will be prosecuted as any other crime. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a DUI conviction could mean the end of your career as a commercial driver. Even if you are not a commercial driver, a serious DUI conviction may result in the loss of your job.

When you are facing DUI charges, you need the legal representation of an experienced DUI attorney. Contact our firm today so that we can begin working aggressively on your drunk driving defense. Our Daytona Beach DUI attorneys are available for emergency calls 24/7 at 386-255-1400 and represent people facing DUI charges throughout central Florida.

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