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Child Custody & Timesharing

Child Custody & Timesharing Lawyers

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Legal issues involving the time you spend with your children must be approached with thoughtfulness and care. The court will consider the children's best interests during divorce proceedings as the single most important factor in determining the allocation of custody and parenting time.

To ensure that your custody issues are addressed, it is crucial that you seek the assistance of a child custody attorney who can clearly articulate your arguments and represent all of your interests.

Child Custody Lawyers

At Aaron Delgado & Associates, our lawyers will aggressively advocate for you and your children. We provide comprehensive child custody and family law representation to clients throughout Central Florida. Our firm is composed of experienced and knowledgeable individuals who take the time to educate clients on their rights while providing realistic assessments of the potential outcomes of their case.

To resolve child custody and parenting time issues, our firm encourages clients to work with the other parent to reach an amicable solution. This places the outcome in your hands, rather than a judge’s. It is always a risk to place your child's custody in the hands of a third party, and—in all but the most difficult cases—it is more likely that you and your family are able to create the best arrangement.

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In applicable situations, our firm also helps clients understand the possibilities of supervised visitation and mandatory parenting classes. Contact us today at 386-222-6677 to learn about the child custody law and other family law services that we offer.

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