John Terhune - Daytona Criminal Defense Attorney
John Terhune

John Terhune

Criminal Defense Attorney

John Terhune is an experienced Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney dedicated to helping his clients obtain the best possible outcome for their cases.

I am a deeply competitive person. Always have been. I know that is what drew me to the profession of being a trial lawyer. For years before entering law school I would go to the Courthouse to watch lawyers try cases. Between graduating College and being accepted into Florida State University College of Law, I spent just shy of a year as a Probation Officer. Again, that kept me in the Courtroom around the trial lawyers.

Legal Education

As a law student in Tallahassee, I was blessed to have befriended one of the top Trial Lawyers in the Country at the time, Deeno Kitchen. Deeno took me under his wing and acted as my mentor. That mentorship and my diligent hard work empowered me to earn my way onto the coveted Moot Court Team of FSU Law School (only 12 out of 600 students) and in my last year of Law School, I was recognized as the Top Trial Advocate in a national trial competition sponsored by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Criminal Defense Career

Since graduating Law School I have handled in excess of 3000 Criminal Cases. I was an Assistant State Attorney in both the 2nd and 3rd Circuits of Florida. In the 3rd Circuit I was the Chief Felony Prosecutor in Suwannee County. I was an Assistant Public Defender in the 7th Circuit. I have tried more than 200 jury trials ranging from misdemeanors to death penalty homicide cases. I am proud to be AV rated by Martindale Hubbard.

Here is an interview conducted by a nationally recognized expert in self-defense, interviewing me after I won a Stand Your Ground case in Putnam County.

Here is a video of the closing arguments in a recent trial in Volusia County where we secured an 8-minute NOT GUILTY on two charges of Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell . My closing argument begins at 23:11.

As a side interest and passion, I write books and give speeches on the concept of Leadership. I have spoken before more than one million people in over 20 countries as a keynote speaker at leadership conferences. Here is a speech I gave at Embry Riddle University on Leadership:

My book entitled Enhanced People Skills became an Amazon Best Seller.

Personal Life

I love staying fit through a rigorous and disciplined exercise regimen every week. I love traveling throughout our country and throughout the world having now been to 28 different countries to include most of Asia, India, Africa, Canada, South and Central America, Russia and throughout most of the countries in Europe.

My number one passion is my family. I am blessed to be 40 years married (to the same woman) with three remarkable children and five gorgeous grandchildren.

When I go to battle for my clients, I represent them with the same passion and determination that I would if I were defending a family member.