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A felony drug crime carries with it more severe consequences than a state drug crime. These harsher penalties can be devastating to you and your family. At Aaron Delgado & Associates, we believe in the justice system and in offering our clients a fair trial under the law.

Our criminal defense lawyers approach every case with energy and dedication. We examine all aspects of your arrest, from the initial search to the questions asked by police. Using our knowledge of the criminal system, we determine whether the police followed correct procedure and whether the search was legal.

If you or a family member was charged with a drug crime in Daytona Beach or the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. Our experienced drug defense attorneys treat every case as if it is going to court. We provide a solid case for our clients.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us toll free at 877-509-1400. We have law offices in Daytona Beach and DeLand.

Aggressive Defense Against Felony Drug Charges

Our team of skilled criminal defense lawyers represents clients charged with felony drug crime offenses such as:

  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug distribution
  • Narcotics trafficking and manufacturing
  • Running an international drug ring

International Drug Trafficking Charges

International drug trafficking is a serious offense with serious penalties. If you are an immigrant charged with international drug trafficking, you could face deportation. Our attorneys aggressively defend our clients and work diligently to ensure that they receive a fair trial.

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