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A successful, winning appeal requires the guidance and experience of an appeals lawyer. Not every lawyer can successfully handle an appeal, and you should be discerning with your choice. Aaron Delgado & Associates is a Daytona Beach appellate law firm. In fact, we relish the challenge of fighting for our clients at the appellate level.

Our attorneys handle appeals of various legal issues, including:

  • Family law matters, including final divorce decrees
  • Civil appeals, including decisions on contract disputes, employment law disputes and insurance claims
  • Administrative appeals involving government agencies, including the DMV

We represent clients who would like to appeal a court's decision as well as those who would like to defend an appeal. Either situation will require assistance from an attorney who:

  • Has intensive knowledge of court procedures
  • Possesses accelerated written and verbal skills
  • Builds appellate cases that expose errors in the original trial
  • Conducts highly thorough investigations, reviews and research
  • Complies with strict court-imposed timelines and deadlines
  • Crafts persuasive appellate briefs and arguments

You have the right to appeal to a higher court. Our law firm can file a direct appeal challenging the conviction and sentence you received from the trial court.

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