Driving Under the Influence in Daytona Beach - Aaron Delgado & Associates

DUI - Daytona Beach - 11/14/21

Case: Driving Under the Influence in Daytona Beach

Aaron Delgado - State v. J.R.C.

Facts of the Case:

Our client was facing a second DUI and the charge of refusing to submit to a breath test when she was stopped for traveling approximately 70 mph in a 50 mile zone. After performing videotaped FSC‘s she was arrested and transported to the police station where she refused a breath test. After filing a motion to suppress evidence which locked in the officers testimony, we took the case to trial. The trial lasted a day. The defense focused on discrediting the field sobriety exercises and showing that they had no bearing on normal faculties.

Case Result:

The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

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