Under Florida law, you are entitled to perform your job in an environment that is free from hostility and persecution. Unfortunately, many workers find themselves subject to discrimination or harassment at the hands of supervisors and other employees.

Labor Employment Attorneys

At Delgado & Romanik, we are dedicated to helping employees understand and exercise their rights in the workplace. Our firm is proud of its commitment to providing clients with vigorous and knowledgeable counsel and advocacy in the workplace.

Our lawyers believe in being available to our clients whenever they need us. Whether on a weekday or weekend, during the morning or night, we are available to speak with you about your situation. We have offices in Daytona Beach and DeLand.

Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliatory Discharge And More

We diligently represent clients in many different employment law issues, including:

  • Harassment or discrimination: Sexual harassment and discrimination are serious offenses that should not be taken lightly. They come in many forms and can be based on age, race, sex, religion or other protected classifications.
  • Whistleblower actions: We represent workers who have reported or intend to report violations of state or federal law to the proper authorities.
  • Wrongful termination or retaliatory discharge: If you have been fired unfairly, such as in response to a workers' compensation claim that you filed after an injury, we can assert your rights.
  • Contract disputes: We handle employment contract disputes for those in all industries, ranging from industrial workers to high-level executives.
  • Wage and hour disputes: Our firm represents clients in disputes over unpaid overtime, meal and rest breaks, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims and more.

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