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Acquiring a Business Purposes Only License

by Aaron Delgado
05/04/21 (Updated: 08/18/21)

If your license has recently been suspended, you may be wondering what your options are. After all, if you are not able to drive, you may have a hard time completing your daily routine. This could also make it difficult for you to run your business.

Fortunately, one option you may have available to you is something called a business purposes only license. What do you need to do if you would like to get one of these licenses? There are several points you should keep in mind.

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Only the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Can Grant This License

If you would like this license, it can only be granted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Therefore, you will need to schedule a hearing for yourself at the Bureau of Administrative Review Office. Most counties in the state of Florida have offices, making it relatively easy for you to schedule this.

The job of this bureau is to determine whether your driving privileges should be restored at all. These hearings are administrative in nature, not legal, so you are not entitled to have an attorney speak for you.

You Will Be Asked a Series of Questions at the Hearing

After the administrative officer goes through your driving record, they will ask you why you are requesting a hardship hearing. Then, they will ask you several additional questions. These include:

  • Why do you think you need one of these licenses?
  • Is there anyone else in your household who can drive for you?
  • How have you been getting around during your suspension period?
  • How did you get here today?
  • Why do you think you will not end up in the same situation again?
  • Did you learn anything from your class?

Therefore, you should make sure you have answers to these common questions prepared. The answers to these questions are going to be used to determine your eligibility for a business purposes-only license.

If you are given one of these licenses, it will look almost the same as your original license. It will simply have a certain restriction on it.

There Are Two Types of Licenses You Could Be Given

If your request for a business purposes-only license is granted, there are two separate types of licenses you may be given. These include:

  • The C-Restriction License Is Business Purposes Only: When people discuss business purposes only license in Florida, this is usually what they are talking about. This is a driving privilege that is limited to any driving that is necessary to maintain their livelihood. This includes driving for medical reasons, driving for religious reasons, driving for educational purposes, and driving while on the job.
  • The D-Restriction License is For Employment: The other type of license you may be given is called the D-restriction license. This license is even more tightly restricted than the C-restriction license above. Someone with this license is only permitted to drive to and from work. If they are required to drive somewhere else by their employer, that is also allowed under this license.

Getting a Full License Back Following This Restriction

Importantly, people who are granted these licenses are still dealing with a suspended license. Even though some suspensions had a predefined period of time, someone's driving record under these restrictions will be considered when the suspension is up.

Therefore, if you are given one of these restricted licenses, you have to drive carefully. If you demonstrate that you can drive safely with this restricted license, it may make it easier for the administrative officer to give you your license back when your suspension period is over.

Furthermore, if you have to go before a legal body and ask for your driver's license back, you can point to your clean driving record with a business purposes-only license as evidence that you should get your license back.

Rely on Aaron Delgado and Associates with Help Navigating a Business Purposes Only License

If your license has been suspended and you need to drive to do your job, you may want to apply for a business purposes-only license. Make sure you place your application in the best position possible to be successful. At Aaron Delgado and Associates, we would be happy to help you with that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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