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Child support is a contentious issue for any parents. At Aaron Delgado & Associates, we handle child support issues on behalf of mothers and fathers throughout Central Florida. Our attorneys help clients understand how child support is determined and guide them through the process of how a court will determine the amount of support that will be paid. Contact us today at 386-222-6677 to discuss your specific case and needs.

Florida Child Support Laws

All states have guidelines in their statutes for calculating child support. Florida's guidelines are designed to take into account all parental income (from both parents) while taking into consideration health insurance needs, child care expenses, and other expenses required for the maintenance of the child's well-being. However, the court may depart from the statutory guidelines if it is determined that applying the formula for defining support is inappropriate in a given situation.

Child Support Lawyers On Your Side

To ensure that the proper amount is calculated under the guidelines, it is important that we have an accurate understanding of the income of both parties. Our child support lawyers investigate to determine income accurately and pursue all sources, including any possible hidden assets. If necessary, we hire accountants and financial experts to examine financial records so we can ensure that a doctor or small business owner has not manipulated their books to underreport income or hide assets.

Modification / Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Our law firm also represents clients who are seeking the modification and/or enforcement of child support orders. A change in circumstances, whether through loss of a job, a lowering of your pay, or a health issue, may warrant the court to modify the monthly support amounts. If you cannot make the current amounts, you want to contact a child support lawyer as soon as possible because failure to make child support payments may require the court to issue an order of enforcement.

Remember, child support payments cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. We can also help you understand the "writ of bodily attachment" and how the failure to pay child support affects you and your child.

Florida Child Support Lawyers

We at Aaron Delgado & Associates, are sensitive to our clients’ needs and the needs of their families. Our firm is dedicated to handling these cases with respect and concern while aggressively seeking a resolution to the matter that is in the best interests of our clients and their children. Contact a child support lawyer at our firm today by calling 386-222-6677 or starting your case online.

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