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Daytona Beach Officer Found Not Guilty of Child Abuse

by Aaron Delgado
03/08/19 (Updated: 09/10/21)

Today, John Richard Barrett, a former Daytona Beach Police Officer, was found Not Guilty on Child Abuse charges by a Daytona Beach jury.

Not Guilty Verdict for Officer Accused of Child Abuse

Aaron Delgado & Associates Criminal Defense Attorneys Tim Pribisco and Aaron Delgado pursued an aggressive trial strategy which involved forcing the State to bring John Barrett to trial within six months of his arrest, employing the assistance of a medical expert, and successfully excluding both the out of court statements of the alleged child victim and the opinion testimony of the State's nurse practitioner.

Aaron Delgado & Associates not guilty verdict

After a two-day trial and aggressive cross examination of law enforcement witnesses who conducted virtually no investigation, it took the jury less than twenty minutues to find our client Not Guilty. We enjoyed the challenge and pleasure of taking our client's case to trial and fighting for the result this innocent man deserved.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Protecting the Falsely Accused

At Aaron Delgado & Associates, we are proud of our dedication to our clients. While every case is different, we always create an aggressively thorough defense to protect our clients from the charges they face. If you, or a loved one, have been falsely accused of child abuse, domestic violence, or another violent crime involving someone close to you, we would be honored to help you fight this injustice. Call us today at 386.222.6677 to speak with one of our expert criminal defense attorneys and find out how we may be able to help you overcome these charges.

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