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Criminal charges of false imprisonment or abduction often come along with other types of criminal charges such as domestic violence, battery or assault. You may have been in violation of a restraining order and circumstances escalated to the point of charges of false imprisonment or abduction.

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To meet the definition of abduction or false imprisonment, force should have been involved. Sometimes, however, the idea of "force" is stretched to include verbal interactions that sounded like threats. A skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side early on in your case may be able to obtain a favorable outcome on your behalf. Contact Aaron Delgado & Associates if you found yourself in a situation such as one of the following — and now face criminal charges or accusations of criminal conduct:

  • Did a client or family member call the police after you said something like, "You're not leaving until we settle this contract?" or "You are coming with me, no questions asked." You may not have intended any physical harm, yet the other person may have perceived your words as forceful.
  • Perhaps you were arrested after a tense family or domestic situation in which you allegedly took someone where she or he did not want to go or "would not let" him or her leave.
  • You may have allegedly prevented someone from leaving the car you were driving by electronically locking the doors — and accusations escalated to include involvement by police.
  • You may have been falsely accused of abducting your child although there was no child custody order in place to prevent your assuming control of your son or daughter.

Whatever behavior, allegations or complications resulted in criminal charges of abduction (kidnapping) or false imprisonment, you need to understand the seriousness of your legal situation now. Once police and courts are involved, you can no longer explain away a misunderstanding on your own — nor should you try to enter into negotiations with authorities. You need an experienced attorney to advise you and take appropriate actions to protect your rights and freedom. You are at risk of imprisonment and a permanent criminal record. Our Daytona Beach criminal defense law firm urges you to seek legal counsel sooner rather than later.

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Do not stay away because you believe you cannot afford a private criminal defense attorney. At Aaron Delgado & Associates, we aim to make legal representation within reach of people who need our services. A free initial consultation and payment options, including credit cards, payment plans and assignments, can make it possible for you to get the help you need after your arrest on charges of abduction.

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