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Nebbia Holds & Drug Bonds

Nebbia Holds & Drug Bond Attorneys

In Florida drug crime cases, criminal law judges can require accused individuals to reveal where they are obtaining the money necessary to post bond. The judges do this by placing a condition on the bond called a "Nebbia hold" or "bail source hearing."

At Aaron Delgado & Associates, our Daytona Beach attorneys for Nebbia holds have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. We also believe in the importance of continuing legal education in order to provide successful representation. This means our defense lawyers keep abreast of all changes to Florida law.

A Drug Bonds Attorney Can Make A Difference

In essence, a Nebbia hold will requires you to show where you are getting your money from before you can post bond and get out of jail. This means that if you do not have a lawyer and do not fully understand what you are doing, it is very unlikely that you will get bonded out right away. In fact, without the help of an attorney, it could take weeks or months for you to get a hearing.

The lawyers of Aaron Delgado & Associates are available to arrange bail source hearings and handle all the details of Nebbia holds. We know how to effectively present evidence to prove that our clients' bail premiums and collateral come from legitimate sources.

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