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There is increasing pressure on state and local law enforcement regarding prescription drug abuse. As a result, law enforcement has a new tracking system giving them access to your medical records and pharmacy histories.

With this heightened level of scrutiny, patients and doctors are at a greater risk for prescription drug charges, including doctor shopping. Even clients who were legally given prescription drugs to treat an injury or illness may find themselves accused of a crime.

At Aaron Delgado & Associates, we provide knowledgeable advice and vigorous representation to clients who are facing charges for prescription drugs, including doctor shopping. Call 386-222-6677 to learn about your options in a free consultation. We have law offices in Daytona Beach and DeLand.

Defense From Doctor Shopping Charges

Doctor shopping has become an increasingly common charge in Florida. It involves a patient going to multiple doctors in order to obtain multiple prescriptions. While a patient could have a legitimate reason for visiting multiple doctors, it is illegal for a patient to do this without informing the doctors. A third-degree felony, this charge carries mandatory minimum penalties, and you could face up to $5,000 in fines and up to five years behind bars.

You may find yourself under investigation for going to the same doctor as an offender or for having a doctor who overprescribes certain medication. If you have been arrested for doctor shopping, it is important that you hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your rights and help you fight your charges.

At our firm, we will work to get your doctor shopping charges dismissed or your penalties reduced. Skilled trial attorneys, we prepare every case as if it is going to court. Whether you are an addict who used multiple prescriptions to feed your habit or you are an innocent patient who was wrongfully accused, we are dedicated to providing you with a thorough and solid defense.

Is Your Doctor Running A Pill Mill?

If law enforcement receives a tip about your doctor, you could face charges for doctor shopping, even if you are innocent of the crime. If you are concerned that your doctor is running a pill mill or is overprescribing, our attorneys can help you. We can advise you on your rights and help protect you from prosecution as a result of your doctor's unethical behavior.

Representation And Advice For Doctors

It has never been more risky for a doctor in Florida to prescribe powerful pain medication. With new rules and regulations, doctors could face civil and criminal consequences as well as sentencing and administrative issues.

At our law firm, we represent physician's assistants, pharmacists and doctors who have been accused of drug-related crimes and violations. We understand the effect these types of charges could have on your career and your future. With an awareness of the criminal, civil and licensing exposure you face, we can pursue a resolution that encompasses every aspect of your potential liability and reduces your penalties.

Our Daytona Beach doctor shopping defense lawyers also provide guidance and legal advice to doctors about the state of the law in Florida. We understand the prevailing medical practices in the industry so we can counsel our clients on practices and procedures a clinic can use to avoid coming under the scrutiny of law enforcement. By consulting with us, a physician who really wants to help patients can do so in a way that promotes patient safety as well as the physician's safety and continued livelihood.

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