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Possession of Cocaine

by Aaron Delgado
10/11/18 (Updated: 03/17/20)

Being charged with cocaine possession is a serious offence that comes with significant consequences. In fact, at a minimum it is considered a felony offence. Depending on the quantity of cocaine found in your possession, there is often mandatory jail time.

Being convicted for cocaine possession will also result in loss of your driver’s license for two years. With these major repercussions on the line, you need an aggressive and dynamic lawyer with years of experience in drug related cases defending you.

Requirements for a Cocaine Possession Charge

  • Lawful search and cause: There must be probable cause for a search to be completed by law enforcement officers. If applicable, they must also properly stop your vehicle.
  • Drug dog credentials: If a detection dog was used by police, we need to obtain information about the animal’s qualifications and background.
  • Detained lawfully and rights read: Arrest proceedings by police must be performed in a legal fashion, which includes the officer to read the Miranda Rights.

Purchase of cocaine offense level

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