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Armed Robbery at Daytona Beach Walgreens

by Aaron Delgado
04/25/19 (Updated: 07/18/22)

Armed Robbery Charges in Daytona Beach

Just this week, Louis Curler was arrested at a local Daytona Beach Walgreens for armed robbery. Several local news outlets, including WFTV, reported the details of the encounter collected from police, eyewitnesses, and video surveillance. According to the statements, Curler ran into the Walgreens, jumped over the pharmacy counter, pointed a rifle at employees, and demanded narcotics.

The facts surrounding this case have yet to be determined and will likely be revealed in a court of law. However, we are able to shed light on many questions people have surrounding armed robbery in the State of Florida.

Armed Robbery Sentence

After being arrested by the Daytona Beach Police Department, Curler was charged with three separate offenses, including one count of Robbery with Firearm / Deadly Weapon and two counts of Kidnapping an Adult to Hold for Ransom or Reward or As a Shield or Hostage.

Using our prison sentence calculator, we were able to quickly determine the lowest permissible sentence Curler may receive if convicted for those crimes. Our Felony Sentencing Calculator is based on the Florida Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet Preparation Manual, which is used in every criminal sentencing proceeding in the State of Florida.

If convicted of all three charges, this is the minimum sentence Curler will receive according to the Florida Criminal Punishment Code:

armed robbery sentence

However, if any additional factors are added to the above charges, such as victim injury or other enhancements, the lowest permissible sentence will increase. On the other hand, if Curler or another individual facing similar charges were to receive a reduction for time served, the minimum permissible sentence may decrease.

Armed Robbery at Daytona Beach Walgreens 2019

What is armed robbery?

Robbery and armed robbery are very closely related in terms of the law. As such, in order to understand the legal definition of armed robbery, we must first take a look at what classifies a robbery. By legal definition of Florida Statute § 812.13, a robbery must meet the following conditions:

  • Taking money or other property, including personal property
  • Intent to permanently or temporarily deprive owner of the taken money or property
  • Use of force, violence, assault, or causing fear in the course of taking the money or property

If an offender meets the above criteria and carried a firearm or deadly weapon while committing the robbery, the general offense they will likely face is increased to Robbery with Firearm / Deadly Weapon.

Is Armed Robbery a Felony?

Yes, both Robbery with a Weapon and Robbery with Firearm or Other Deadly Weapon are felony crimes according to the State of Florida.

Minimum Sentence for Armed Robbery

As a standalone offense, Robbery with a Weapon is a first degree felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The minimum permissible sentence for armed robbery of this kind is 2 years and 11 months.

Due to the nature of the weapon and other factors considered by the State, Robbery with a Firearm or Other Deadly Weapon is punishable by life in prison, with a minimum permissible sentence of 4 years.

You can use our prison sentence calculator to determine the minimum sentence for armed robbery charges with other factors, such as additional offenses, victim injury, enhancements, and reductions. Enhancements may include use or possession of a firearm or semiautomatic weapon, use or possession of a machine gun, a prior serious felony, or other serious considerations the State will make when pressing charges.

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