Sara Smith

Aaron Delgado is hands down the best defense attorney. Hey is kind and extremely knowledgeable. He seriously saved my life. I never imagined in a million years i would get into legal trouble. I read SEVERAL reviews about finding the best attorney and i am so thankful i went with Mr. Delgado. I know am back to a normal life with no legal troubles. Thank you so much!

John Ingram

Attorney Aaron Delgado is the most professional, dedicated man I have ever met. He made me feel like less of a criminal and more of a man who made a mistake. I cannot thank this firm enough for their due diligence and concern with my case. Mr. Delgado handled my case with integrity and strong will. He is hands down the best attorney. I am so lucky to have hired him. Completely recommend this man and this firm. The employees treated me with such respect and care. I am so thankful.

James Holcombe

Seriously though, if you're arrested and thinking about hiring a different law firm, don't. The guys here are sympathetic of your problems and only want the best possible outcome. It's not just talk either, Delgado is a genius in the court room and hailed as a super attorney, no prosecutor wants to face him.

Lacy Leuo

This law Firm is hands down the great. Attorney Aaron Delgado saved my life. I got stuck in a sticky situation and he treated me like a human and helped defend me to the end. I am free Man now thanks to him. I cannot give this man enough stars.

Christina Quinn

Mr Delgado and the staff were absolutely amazing! My husband and I had been going through extreme anxiety related to his charges. We spent 6 months with a previous attorney, who was not a criminal attorney, without knowing what was up from down. Fearful of fees we stayed with the previous lawyer; however a friend of ours talked some sense into us and referred us to Mr Delgado. Upon arrival he was honest and up front but for the first time I felt like we might have a chance at our best results. That comfort lead us to come up with the money we needed to have appropriate representation and it was WELL worth it. We were realistic with our possible outcomes, but Mr Delgado exceeded our expectations within days!

Kilgore Trout

Mr. Delgado is a consummate professional who achieved a fantastic end result in my case. Over the past seven months, Aaron never wavered in his belief in a positive outcome given the circumstances surrounding the allegations. At the end, I was able to continue in life as before without my career, my family and my home being negatively impacted. The relief from avoiding potentially harsh consequences in itself was the greatest benefit to me and well worth the cost of representation. Do yourself a favor and speak to Aaron if you are facing a difficult legal dilemma.

Mistress Rhia

Great attorneys. More specifically Mr.Delgado represented my fiance on a violation where he was facing prison time. Mr.Delgado got my future husband home where he belongs in an incredibly timely manner. If you are looking for a hard working attorney you will find one in Mr.Delgado.

Holly Warehouse

Most of us don’t wake up and say “Today I’m going to do something that could permanently screw up my life”. We’re all human, who make mistakes, I heard that message constantly after I’d myself gotten into a very embarrassing legal situation that had the potential too devastate my life, and it could possibly have taken years to rebuild back to the normalcy that I knew. And cost more money than I had. I was beyond scared, and humiliated. I hired the law firm Demore, Delgado and Romanick. I would also like too mention the Attorney’s Mr. Leising and BLAKE. Who also assisted in my case. This firm will not sugar coat anything for you-hold a tissue while you cry, because you made a mistake, but what they WILL DO IS GIVE YOU THE FACTS, tell you what your options are, because the LAW IS THE LAW. They will study your case-and find ANY discrepancies AND FIGHT FOR YOU. THEY WILL TALK TO THE STATE ATTORNEYS OFFICE AND GET YOU THE LOWEST PLEA THEY CAN-These Attorney’s ARE EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, and KNOW THEIR JOB! The firm worked as a team, Aaron Delgado was my lead Attorney and David Demore closed my case with a *VERY* reduced charge and got part of my charges thrown out. It’s MINIMAL compared my original charges. I am SO GRATEFUL! I have my life back, and if you need a great defense lawyer-call them. They “WILL” DO WHATEVER THEY CAN!!!

Stan Wykretowicz

I was looking at 30 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. The last 3 and a half years of my life have been exhausting, nerve racking, and depressing. I was not able to live at home with my wife and step son because of what I was being charge with. I lived in my car for about 6 months and then I had to move back in with my parents in another state. Not only was my family life in turmoil, my career was upended due to the nature of the charges and any future aspirations and progression was over no matter the outcome. Upon meeting me Mr. Delgado he listened to what I had to say and after reviewing all the reports from the hospitals, DCF, Sheriffs office and witnesses he believed what I had said and that it was true. That I was not responsible for what had happened that it was actually an illness that caused this. His selfless service working day and night preparing my case made me feel confident going into trial. This man restored my faith in justice. He is compassionate, intelligent, and an honorable man and he puts that into his work. Writing this I feel like I am not saying enough about Mr. Delgado, and what he has done for me. I owe him my life or at least 30 years if you can understand what I mean. For so long I felt like my life was over and he gave it back to me. So thank you Mr. Delgado for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to my plight. If you are looking for an outstanding lawyer and want someone to stand up to injustice and give you the best chance against the State and all they use against you, hire this man. You will not be disappointed.

Sedric Louissaint

Handled all my cases. Charges were dropped due to the thorough research on case law which allowed for me to get off.