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The lawyers and staff at Aaron Delgado & Associates, handle paternity cases for men and women throughout Central Florida. We help our clients understand the importance of establishing paternity and the impact this has on their child's life.

Paternity for Child Support & Custody

For a court to issue the correct child support or child custody orders, it must be certain of the paternity of the children.

Paternity for Married Couples

Within the context of marriage, paternity is usually not in question. The husband is legally presumed to be the father of a child born during the marriage. But once a divorce is filed, especially when allegations of infidelity have been made, questions of paternity may arise and DNA tests are often necessary.

Paternity for Unmarried Couples

When two unmarried individuals have a child, the father’s rights are in question until paternity is determined. This means that the father could be prevented from having contact with his child. To help you preserve your rights as a father, our firm can assist you in seeking a paternity order, representing your interests through the testing process, and addressing any issues that arise from the outcome of the DNA test result.

If paternity is not accurately determined, any custody and/or child support arrangements that were made outside of the court are not legally enforceable.

Daytona Beach & DeLand Paternity Lawyers

Don’t lose your rights to see your children or get the child support you need to ensure their well-being as they grow. Discuss your options for establishing the paternity of your children with a knowledgeable paternity lawyer.

At Aaron Delgado & Associates, our paternity lawyers are experienced in representing clients with paternity issues. We work to ensure that all the proper tests and documents are completed in an efficient manner for every one of our clients. Call us today at 386-222-6677 to schedule an initial consultation.

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