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We are excited to inform you that you may qualify for an opportunity to seal or expunge your record. This process could shield your past mistakes from public view and relieve you from the stress of disclosing past errors on job applications. With this clean slate, you are better positioned for future professional pursuits and personal endeavors.

At the Law Offices of Aaron Delgado & Associates, we have a successful track record of sealing and expunging records for clients just like you. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for you, offering you peace of mind and a newfound sense of freedom.

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What Are the Next Steps?

You may be wondering, what does this process involve? It's straightforward. You only need to bring us a fingerprint card (which we will provide), and sign the application. Our skilled team will take over from there, managing all the remaining tasks on your behalf.

Please be aware that the process generally takes between six to nine months to complete. Therefore, we recommend initiating this process immediately if you are anticipating a career change or upcoming background checks. We offer this service at an affordable, one-time fee, which covers the entire process from initiation to final completion.

Daytona Expungement Services

Revitalize your future with Aaron Delgado & Associates. Our affordable expungement services minimize legal headaches, setting the stage for fresh opportunities. Second chances are just a call away with us. 386.222.6677

Benefits of Expungement

Check out a few of the key benefits of getting you criminal record expunged:

  • Employment Opportunities: Many employers perform background checks before hiring, and a criminal record can be a significant barrier to employment. Having your record expunged can increase job opportunities, as employers typically won't be able to see expunged records.
  • Education: Some colleges and universities ask about criminal history during the application process. Expungement can help prevent a past mistake from interfering with educational opportunities.
  • Professional Licensing: Some professions require licenses or certifications, which can be denied to individuals with a criminal record. Expungement can facilitate obtaining these credentials.
  • Restoration of Rights: Depending on your jurisdiction, expungement might restore rights that were lost as a result of the conviction, such as the right to own a firearm.
  • Peace of Mind: Last but not least, expungement can provide a sense of relief, as you will longer have to worry about your past mistakes showing up on a background check.

Daytona Beach Expungement Attorneys

Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with you on your previous case, and we would be honored to assist you again, this time helping you achieve closure and begin a new chapter.

To learn more about this process or if you have any questions, we are always available to provide the necessary guidance and information. Please feel free to get in touch at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you soon and aiding you on your journey to a fresh start.

To begin sealing your record, call our firm 24/7 at (386) 222-6677.

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