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What to Expect When First Meeting With a Lawyer

by Aaron Delgado
06/27/19 (Updated: 09/09/21)

In most cases, people searching for a lawyer may be going through a time of trouble, fear or uncertainty. Whether you have been arrested, injured, sued or wronged in any number of ways it can be a difficult time to deal with the emotions. All of the jokes and stereotypes aside, lawyers are here to help. If you have never had to seek help from a lawyer in the past, you may be wondering: How does one begin the process and what can they expect?

How to Find a Lawyer

First and most importantly, do your homework. Make sure that you find a lawyer who is experienced in the area of law or with issues for which you are seeking help. Explore websites and lawyer profiles. Look at past results to determine if your case is similar to those previously handled by that office.

Once you have decided on a firm or lawyer, the next step is to call and set an appointment. Once set, it is time to prepare by gathering any and all documentation you may have related to your case. In addition, it is beneficial to write down any thoughts, questions or concerns you have prior to the consultation. This will help in ensuring an effective and productive meeting.

Meeting with a Lawyer for the First Time

When you arrive, you will be asked to provide some information for our records. This is information that is critical to us being able to contact you and provide a great service.

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Once the consultation begins, take a deep breath and relax! Your lawyer is going to have a little background information regarding the matter you are seeking counsel for, but now is the time to be truthful and honest. Remember, what you tell the lawyer is confidential. It is important to provide all information, good or bad, regarding your case so that the best strategy can be created for your benefit.

It is not our job to judge you or your behavior or goals. We may have some direct or difficult questions, but this is only to ensure that we are prepared to protect your interests no matter what the situation may be. And please, although we understand it is certainly easier said than done, try to relax!

Below is a summary of steps to help you prepare to meet with a lawyer for the first time. Hopefully these steps will assist you in preparing for this initial meeting.

How to Prepare for a Meeting with a Lawyer

Step 1

Gather all documentation or evidence you are in possession of that is related to your case. Prepare notes and any questions you want to be sure to ask your attorney.

Step 2

Set a consultation and arrive a bit early or right on time. You will be asked to prepare some intake paperwork, so arriving early will reduce the stress in doing so.

Step 3

Talk openly, honestly and candidly about your situation. What you tell us is confidential and, in order to best defend and protect your interests, there can be no surprises in what we are up against.

Step 4

Listen to your lawyer’s advice and strategy. If you have questions or concerns regarding what we are telling you, do not be shy and let us know.

Step 5

If we ask that you take action, please do so. There are often ways to preemptively act in a case with the goal of making the process that much easier on you in the end.

Step 6

Communication is the most important component of the attorney-client relationship. Understand that the process can take time and there are often periods of time with little or no news to report. If you are worried or just need peace of mind, do not hesitate to call us. Additionally, if you learn of new information or new issues arise, it is critical you notify us immediately.

Step 7

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you have to trust us. Your best interests are our best interests. It is literally our job to proceed in a way that we believe is going to lead to the best result in your unique set of circumstances. Nothing makes us more proud of our work than a happy client.

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