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Aggravated Child Abuse & Neglect of a Child Causing Great Bodily Harm

by Aaron Delgado
10/15/18 (Updated: 07/25/19)


Case Summary

Our client was accused of Aggravated Child Abuse and Neglect of a Child Causing Great Bodily Harm. Appearing as trial counsel in this three-day trial, we successfully argued that our client did not cause the perforated colon his three-year-old niece suffered; rather, it was the result of an infection. We presented expert testimony from a pathologist to combat the State's medical "opinion" of "blunt force trauma.” The trial was covered in great detail by Flagler Live, a local online magazine who captured many of the trial's moments and photographed a few of the exhibits used in securing our client's freedom. For a more detailed look at this trial, including the details of the case and Mr. Delgado’s defense strategy, please read our article Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?.

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