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Not Guilty of Felony Charge in Under 30 Minutes

by Aaron Delgado
06/03/19 (Updated: 01/23/20)

May 2019

Aaron Delgado & Associates' Criminal Trial Lawyers Aaron Delgado and William Masson successfully defended an innocent man who was wrongfully charged with felony cruelty to animals.

Felony Charge: Not Guilty Verdict in Under 30 Minutes

Our client was working in his store when a dog he did not know came running at him without an owner in sight. If you have ever experienced a dog bite or have otherwise been attacked by a canine, you know just how terrifying it can be to have an unfamiliar dog running towards you. Our client exercised his right to defend himself by grabbing a broom to keep the dog from attacking him. However, he was later charged with felony cruelty to animals and was accused of beating the dog with the broom to the point that the broom was bent.

not guilty of felony charge

The store's surveillance video clearly showed that the police took the wrong broom – an old rotting one that appeared damaged and bent. We never waiver the right to speedy trial and asked our client to trust us with our strategic approach to his defense. Thanks to the video evidence, the State conceded, the jury delivered a verdict of Not Guilty in under 30 minutes, and our client's wife wept with relief.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending the Wrongfully Accused

Our client was an immigrant who could have been deported if he was found guilty of this felony charge. It was tremendously satisfying to help this family and to demonstrate the power of the jury as the best means of holding the government in check in the criminal justice system.

As criminal defense lawyers, we defend the integrity of the justice system. We recognize that our justice system must be constantly tested, tempered, and watched to make sure it is running correctly. Only with a properly running justice system can we ensure that an innocent person is not convicted for expressing unpopular ideas or being on the wrong side of a political skirmish.

In my experience, the jury system finds the guilty and they are punished. But sometimes innocent people are convicted, and that is terrifying.

The attorneys at Aaron Delgado & Associates strive every day to make sure our justice system works the way it is supposed to, which means we often represent people accused of awful things. However, it is important to remember that an accusation does not equal guilt. We make sure they are treated fairly in court so that we can be confident that other, less polarizing people, receive justice.

If you or a loved find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your freedom, do not hesitate to call our criminal defense lawyers at 386-222-6677.

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