Aaron Delgado & Associates Welcomes Attorney Harry Rutherford

Aaron Delgado & Associates Welcomes Defense Attorney Harry Rutherford

by Aaron Delgado
08/28/19 (Updated: 01/05/22)

Aaron Delgado & Associates, an AV Rated Criminal and Personal Injury Litigation Firm, Welcomes Promising Young Talent Harry Rutherford to Its Criminal Defense Division.

Welcoming Criminal Defense Attorney Harry Rutherford

Graduating at the top of his University of Florida Law Class, Harry Rutherford had his pick of job offers including a chance to clerk for several judges. However, having already clerked at Aaron Delgado & Associates for the last two summers, Harry had no plans to go elsewhere; he knew Aaron Delgado & Associates was the place for him, and had felt a sense of belonging ever since his first summer assignment.

criminal defense attorney Harry Rutherford

Harry continuously demonstrates the legal research and writing talents that earned him a place on the prestigious University of Florida Law Review—where he served as editor—as well as the elite advocacy skills he honed as a leader of the University of Florida Moot Court Competition Team.

Defending Criminal Charges with High Stakes

Harry’s work has already been presented to trial judges in complex and high stakes criminal prosecutions. Before even graduating, Harry had worked on two murders and a multitude of complex felonies, including cybercrime, white collar crime, and sexually motivated offenses. Harry, just like the firm he is joining, has also helped successfully defend a wide variety of criminal offenses that impact everyday citizens, such as driving under the influence, domestic abuse allegations, injunctions for protection, shoplifting, and drug possession charges.

Defense Lawyers Protecting & Defending Personal Freedom

Harry represents the next stage of Aaron Delgado & Associates' evolution and the next generation of criminal defense attorneys protecting our collective civil liberties in the 21st century.

Aaron Delgado & Associates set out to build the very best practice in Florida.  In addition to actively recruiting experienced and established lawyers like James Disinger, Aaron Delgado & Associates is finding raw talent and potential, and—through mentorship and rapid exposure to real legal work and real clients—building, from the ground up, a lawyer who is both a strong speaker and a strong writer; one who can handle written and oral arguments with equal facility.

Criminal law is often perceived as being populated by a lower caliber of attorney—more of a “working class” lawyer as opposed to the rarified air of civil law. However, defending personal liberty is the highest calling for the legal profession.

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