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Criminal charges of embezzlement often involve an accountant or bookkeeper, an officer, a spouse of an officer or anyone with access to funds belonging to a business or a nonprofit organization.

The person in question sometimes "borrows" money, intending to repay it, only to become entrapped in a cycle of temptation and wrongdoing. He or she may transfer funds between accounts, "pay" fictitious vendors or otherwise seek to conceal the illicit financial maneuvers. Sometimes there is a drug addiction or gambling addiction that fuels the unauthorized withdrawals and payments.

Daytona Beach Embezzlement Attorneys

Whatever your circumstances, if you are suspected of embezzlement or have been accused or charged with a theft crime involving funds you were responsible for safeguarding, you should see a lawyer right away. A conviction could send you to jail, ruin your career and leave you with a criminal record that may impact many areas of life indefinitely.

In many cases, embezzlement charges are the culmination of a lengthy investigation. Once others begin to suspect that funds are being misappropriated, there may be a period of time when law enforcement is not yet involved, but the person under suspicion realizes there is a problem.

If, in fact, you are under suspicion or investigation but have not yet been charged with a white collar crime, this is an opportune time to pursue a favorable outcome. There may be a chance to resolve the situation through restitution and other negotiable terms rather than through the criminal justice system. Many organizations and small businesses are more concerned about recovering lost funds than they are about seeing a formerly trusted colleague charged with a crime.

As with any other criminal case, if you even think you may be accused, but have not yet been charged, contact an attorney immediately. A lawyer may not be able to undo damage done, but he or she can advise you on steps to take starting now to protect your rights.

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