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White Collar Crimes Archives

Major fraud scheme raid occurs at fish market in Florida

A fish market in Florida was recently deemed the site of a massive fraud scheme involving food stamps. A raid took place at the market on a Wednesday morning. It occurred after law enforcement had reportedly discovered evidence that tied owners of kiosks at the market to the illegal fraud scheme.

Doctor accused of committing fraud in Florida

One psychiatrist in Florida was recently indicted for fraud. The doctor is said to have run a racket that ended up defrauding many public programs. The victims of the alleged fraud included the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Medicaid, Medicare and the Social Security Administration.

Florida doctor sentenced in white collar crime case

With tax season having just ended, many in Florid are relieved to have the burden of tax preparation off of their shoulders for another year. For one Florida physician, an investigation into his tax returns has yielded a far more stressful outcome, as he was recently sentenced for the white collar crime of tax evasion. He will soon serve time in prison for filing false tax returns at both business and personal levels.

Investigation nets 42 arrests related to fraud, identity theft

Identity theft continues to be a pressing concern for many Florida residents, and federal and state authorities have increased efforts to address the problem. A recent investigation led to the arrest of 42 individuals whom police believe tried to claim tax returns that belonged to others. The identity theft and fraud arrests come just days before the deadline to file 2014 tax returns.

Woman facing charges of organized fraud

A Citrus County, Florida, woman is facing serious criminal charges after police say that she faked a cancer diagnosis in order to profit financially. The 36-year-old is facing three charges of felony organized fraud in the matter, and a conviction could bring serious punitive measures. Readers should note that, as of the time of this report, the only information on the case has come from police reports and interviews with law enforcement. The woman accused of these crimes has not yet given her side of the events that led to her recent arrest.

Multiple country Medicare fraud investigation leads to 11 arrests

After an investigation into Medicare fraud led investigators to two additional countries, several people were arrested on federal charges. Eight individuals were arrested in Florida, and three more persons were apprehended outside of our country. The individuals arrested in our state have been charged with Medicare fraud.

What to do when charged with a white collar crime in Florida

Those who are charged with white collar crimes may mistakenly think that it is not a serious matter. Nothing could be further from the truth -- prosecutors take accusations of fraud, embezzlement and related crimes very seriously and won't hesitate to seek the maximum punishment if a conviction is obtained. These punishments can range from fines to incarceration and can have lasting effects on a person's future. Anyone here in Florida who is accused of committing a white collar crime can benefit from experienced representation. At Delgado & Romanik, we are focused on ensuring that those accused are given a fair trial.

Couple charged with white collar crime in bankruptcy

A Palm Beach couple who have gone through significant financial problems in recent years now find themselves in legal trouble, as well. They have been charged with failing to disclose significant assets within their personal bankruptcy filing. This is a white collar crime that many in Florid are not even aware that they are committing.

19-year-old accused of using grandmother's account to cash checks

Criminal charges can not only lead to serious penalties such as jail and fines; families can also suffer. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, then you need to be aware of every available option for resolving the matter in the best way possible. No matter how complicated your situation may be, prosecutors are likely to seek the harshest possible penalties, but a criminal defense attorney can take the big picture into consideration with a view toward protecting you from negative consequences.

More fraud charges in connection with South Florida health clinic

Allegations of white collar crime are rarely as simple as prosecutors would have us believe, and these cases can drag on for some time because of their complexity. Sometimes an investigation pulls in innocent parties only tangentially related to the case. Such issues may arise after the arrest of four individuals with ties to a South Florida mental health facility.

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