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Drug Charges Archives

23 facing drug charges following police operation

A total of 23 people in Florida were recently taken into custody on drug charges involving prescription drugs. The individuals facing drug charges were arrested during a police operation called Script Rip. This operation targeted individuals who were believed to have filled more than 400 fake prescriptions at pharmacies. Police are still seeking another 18 suspects.

Let us help you figure out your marijuana possession charges

Legalizing marijuana has received widespread support across the state of Florida, although current criminal law still outlines marijuana possession as a crime. The vast majority of charges for marijuana possession are misdemeanors, which can lead some defendants to conclude that there is not much to worry about. Although a significant number of Florida residents wholeheartedly disagree with current laws regarding marijuana, being charged with possession can still have a profound impact on a person's life.

Former football player facing drug charges, gun charges

Charges have been filed against a former football player in Florida. The man was arrested on a recent Thursday on both felony drug and gun charges. People facing drug charges and other criminal charges in Florid are presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in the criminal justice system.

Several alleged heroin dealers busted in Florida

One group of heroin dealers in Florida was recently busted. This marks a change in how federal agents are pursuing those involved in trafficking the lethal drug. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration said they are adjusting their strategies in going after heroin dealers by focusing on the matter at more of a local level.

Former football player facing drug charges in Florida

One former football player in Florida has been accused of committing a drug crime. The man facing drug charges, Jabar Gaffney, was previously a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins as well as the University of Florida. The drug charges came following a police traffic stop.

Child welfare case manager faces charges for several drug crimes

A 42-year-old Florida woman who was a case manager for a child welfare organization was recently removed from her position. This followed her arrest on charges of several drug crimes that were filed after a search warrant was executed at her home. She is awaiting a court hearing that is scheduled for January.

Man in Florida facing drug charges after a traffic stop

A Florida man, age 25, was recently arrested on drug-related charges. His charges include possessing drugs, as well as fleeing from police. The man facing drug charges is actually the son of an individual who is running for sheriff in one county.

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