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Stiff penalties await CMV drivers convicted of DUI

If you drive a truck or other kind of commercial vehicle for a living, your career may be on the line if you receive a conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol. The state of Florida is serious about keeping drunk drivers off the road.

Commercial motor vehicle drivers must maintain an even higher standard than ordinary motorists when it comes to punishment for DUI. If you cause property damage or injury to another person, the penalties you face become increasingly severe.

Driving disqualification

Florida sets forth a list of circumstances that may disqualify you from driving a commercial motor vehicle, including operating a CMV while you are under the influence of alcohol. Although the standard legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol content level is 0.08 percent, a CMV driver cannot surpass a BAC of 0.04 percent. You could also earn a conviction for DUI if you refuse to take a test to determine your BAC level. If convicted of driving under the influence, you face disqualification from operating a commercial motor vehicle for the period of one year, and there are no provisions for obtaining a business or hardship license in the interim.

Causing injuries

If you are responsible for an alcohol-related traffic accident that causes personal injury to someone, you are guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor that comes with a fine of $1,000 and possible jail time of up to one year. If the party harmed in the crash suffers serious bodily injury, the penalties you face will fall under the category of a third-degree felony. These will include a fine of up to $5,000 with the possibility of prison time of up to five years.

Seeking the best outcome

When you receive a DUI charge, you must deal with court appearances and deadlines, which will require legal representation. A criminal defense attorney will tell you that time is of the essence in the management of your case. A DUI is a serious matter, and as a CMV driver whose livelihood is at stake, you will need a skilled advocate who will seek the best outcome for your case.



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