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How can a DUI charge affect my life?

You have the right to party, drink and have fun in Florida. But you do not have the right to drink and drive. Once you are charged with a DUI, you need to be careful with how you handle your situation. You need to take it seriously and start thinking about how to resolve it. 

Although you have yet to go to trial, it helps if you have a clear understanding of how a DUI charge can affect your life. 

Creates a lot of stress and turmoil 

DUI charges are not easy to resolve. The courts tend to be harsh with DUI offenders to discourage them from becoming repeat lawbreakers. There are many laws in place governing alcohol and motor vehicle operation situations. You may not have the time to learn and develop a professional understanding of how the laws apply to your case. The stress and anxiety that are often associated with criminal charges can become a burden that affects the way you eat, sleep and your overall health and well-being. 

Changes the way you live your life 

After you receive a DUI charge, you can expect several things to happen that will alter the way you live. First, the state will suspend your driver’s license. Not being able to drive legally can affect your ability to get back and forth to work, travel for leisure and may impact your employment. It can also result in you having higher auto insurance rates. You may even need to have an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle when you do regain your driving privileges. 

A DUI conviction can result in you going to jail or prison for a few months to several years. It can also have long-term consequences that you may not already know about. The courts can order you to receive treatment or complete rehab, your friends and loved ones may no longer respect you, and you may have access to fewer high paying employment opportunities. 

It is possible for you to overcome the challenges of having a DUI charge. However, procrastinating about your situation can lead to more consequences and an undesirable outcome. You may want to work with an attorney for guidance.

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