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May 2016 Archives

Major fraud scheme raid occurs at fish market in Florida

A fish market in Florida was recently deemed the site of a massive fraud scheme involving food stamps. A raid took place at the market on a Wednesday morning. It occurred after law enforcement had reportedly discovered evidence that tied owners of kiosks at the market to the illegal fraud scheme.

Former wrestler and others face violent crime charges

A man who was once a promising high school athlete currently faces criminal charges in Florida after allegedly taking part in an armed home invasion. Police said the incident occurred on a Tuesday. When people face violent crime charges, it is within their right to fight to protect their innocence and otherwise safeguard their interests within the state's criminal justice system.

Employer denies responsibility for workplace accident

The personal life and the course of the employment of a worker in Florida can change in the blink of an eye. A workplace accident -- often caused by an unsafe work environment -- can jeopardize a worker's ability to take care of his or her family. Although benefits may be claimed through the workers' compensation insurance program, problems may arise if an employer denies that an injury is work-related.

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