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Florida detective pleads no contest to drunk driving

A police detective in Florida has been accused of driving under the influence. The detective recently pleaded no contest to drunk driving. Following his plea, he received a 30-day suspension with no pay.

Police reported that at a little before 1:30 a.m. on a night in mid-October of 2015, the detective swerved and almost caused a vehicle crash before other members of the police force pulled him over. When he was given a Breathalyzer test, he was determined to have a blood alcohol content of more than two times the legal limit. Officials said his BAC was .18, percent, while the legal limit in Florida is .08 percent.

After recently pleading no contest to DUI, the detective received a sentence of probation for one year. He will additionally have to complete 50 hours of service to the community. Furthermore, his driver's license was suspended for a total of six months. The detective, who has been with the same police department for almost 30 years, must avoid consuming alcohol for the remainder of his career. In addition, he has to submit to random alcohol and drug testing for a total of 18 months.

It is within the rights of a person who is accused of drunk driving in Florida to demand a jury trial on the merits of the allegations. At trial, prosecutors must prove each element of all pending charges, a burden that is frequently difficult to meet. The criminal defense may wish to scrutinize the validity of a field sobriety test administered prior to the defendant's arrest in an effort to defend the client against a DUI charge.

Source: tampabay.com, "St. Petersburg police detective suspended for one month following DUI arrest", Zachary Sampson, April 20, 2016

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