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23 facing drug charges following police operation

A total of 23 people in Florida were recently taken into custody on drug charges involving prescription drugs. The individuals facing drug charges were arrested during a police operation called Script Rip. This operation targeted individuals who were believed to have filled more than 400 fake prescriptions at pharmacies. Police are still seeking another 18 suspects.

The police investigation started in August of last year. That is when drug detectives got information that a woman was giving fake Xanax prescriptions to her associates. The woman served as an assistant in a medical office, where she had total access to a computer, telephone and fax machine.

Police learned that the woman was faxing and calling in phony prescriptions under the name of the doctor at the office, without the doctor knowing. Then, runners were recruited to go to the pharmacies to get the Xanax prescriptions. These runners then gave the drugs to the woman and her associates for drugs or cash. Finally, the Xanax was sold illegally. It is estimated that the woman and her associates got more than 37,000 Xanax pills, totaling more than $187,000 in street value.

If appropriate to the circumstances of a person facing drug charges in Florida, the person's criminal defense might explore if it is possible to strike a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea agreement might offer the advantage of resulting in a lighter sentence for an accused person compared with what might result if the person were to be found guilty at trial. The accused retains the right to go to trial to fight the charges.

Source: wtsp.com, "23 arrested in prescription drug sting", April 22, 2016

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