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Florida man facing drug charges following police chase

A vehicle crash recently led to the arrest of a man in Florida who police said was high on cocaine. The accident took place on a Monday in mid-March. The man who is facing drug charges is 46 years old.

Police were chasing the man down Florida Highway 54. As police pursued the driver, he continued to try to evade the stop, even though one of his tires had blown. The man was reportedly on cocaine when the chase was taking place.

The man, who was driving a landscaping truck, allegedly crashed into a couple of patrol cars. He was eventually captured by police following the chase, at which time police said he told them he was heavily drugged. The man was arrested on multiple charges, including aggravated battery on a first responder, possessing cocaine, possessing or using drug paraphernalia, and eluding police without considering the safety of others or others' property.

When people in Florid are facing drug charges, they have the right to proceed to trial to aggressively contest the charges. Alternatively, these individuals might choose to pursue plea deals with the prosecution, if offered. The terms of a plea deal usually depend on how strong the prosecutor's evidence is. When the evidence is strong, a plea deal may offer the advantage of a more lenient sentence than what would normally be rendered in the event a conviction is won at trial. Either way, the criminal defense will strive to protect the accused individual's legal rights while striving for a favorable result for him or her, considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source: palmbeachpost.com, "Florida man drives 'drugged out of his mind,' hits two patrol cars (w/video)", Zach Dennis, March 16, 2016

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