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Several alleged heroin dealers busted in Florida

One group of heroin dealers in Florida was recently busted. This marks a change in how federal agents are pursuing those involved in trafficking the lethal drug. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration said they are adjusting their strategies in going after heroin dealers by focusing on the matter at more of a local level.

The drug bust occurred on a recent Tuesday when agents raided one home and arrested a total of 10 individuals. Each is accused of distributing 2 kilograms or less of heroin on local streets every month. Two kilograms of the drug is equivalent to 4.4 pounds.

The drug bust occurred following a police investigation that lasted nearly a year. According to the authorities, the group made between an estimated $250,000 and $300,000 per month selling heroin and sometimes dealt to hundreds of people each day. Many of the arrested dealers had already spent time in prison for charges related to drug trafficking; one accused woman was reported to be 74 years old. Authorities said heroin has been on the increase for the past three years, perhaps due to a recent major crackdown on prescription pills.

If available and appropriate to the circumstances, the criminal defense for anyone who has been accused of dealing heroin in Florida might explore the opportunity to strike a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea agreement might offer the benefit of resulting in a lighter sentence for the accused individual compared with what might result following a verdict of guilt at trial. Nevertheless, every accused individual has the right to go to trial, forcing government prosecutors to actually prove the accusations by relevant evidence that meets the strict requirements of the criminal justice system.

Source: orlandosentinel.com, "Heroin ring dismantled in Central Florida, agents say", Stephanie Allen, Feb. 11, 2016

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