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Children facing charges of juvenile delinquency have rights

Juvenile proceedings in Florid are handled in a very different way compared to adults in criminal court. However, children who have been accused of crimes have rights as well. A lawyer who knows the criminal justice system in Florida may help a child facing charges of juvenile delinquency and his or her parents to understand what lies ahead.

When a child has been accused of a crime, an attorney can explain to the child and his or her family all of the legal options, along with the potential outcomes. This is true whether a juvenile has been accused of a DUI, underage drinking, a violent offense, burglary, theft or a drug crime. An attorney might be able to have an influence on the charges filed against a child or perhaps even keep charges from being filed altogether.

An attorney will work with the parents as well as the court to develop, when appropriate, alternative sentences and solutions. The ultimate goal is to protect the child's future interests. In these situations, time is critical.

Whenever a child is facing charges of juvenile delinquency, he or she is always presumed innocent before the court. If a parent waives a child's rights by neglecting to rely on legal counsel, the child's case may end up being handled in adult court, where a child faces potentially long-lasting consequences. It is preferable to meet with an attorney before giving any information to authorities following the arrest of a minor in Florida. Our webpage has more information about juvenile court and what our firm can do to help.

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