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February 2016 Archives

Several alleged heroin dealers busted in Florida

One group of heroin dealers in Florida was recently busted. This marks a change in how federal agents are pursuing those involved in trafficking the lethal drug. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration said they are adjusting their strategies in going after heroin dealers by focusing on the matter at more of a local level.

Children facing charges of juvenile delinquency have rights

Juvenile proceedings in Florid are handled in a very different way compared to adults in criminal court. However, children who have been accused of crimes have rights as well. A lawyer who knows the criminal justice system in Florida may help a child facing charges of juvenile delinquency and his or her parents to understand what lies ahead.

Fewer people being charged with drunk driving, driving high

In Florida, Miami Beach is one area where curbing driving under the influence has traditionally been a high priority. In fact, nearly 1,300 people were arrested and charged with drunk driving or driving high on drugs in 2010. Since then, however, the figure has dropped significantly.

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