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Man faces manslaughter charges in Florida

One man recently died, and another has been charged with manslaughter in Florida. The incident leading to the manslaughter charges took place on a recent Tuesday. The person who passed away was 67, while the person accused of killing him is 51.

Police said they responded to a home after one man was reported as being unresponsive. As police investigated, they discovered that the 67-year-old man had been walking dogs with his granddaughters when a dispute occurred between him and the 51-year-old man. The dispute may have involved the younger man touching the older man's pickup truck.

Authorities said the younger man, at the time, was standing near a fence when the argument continued, which is when the younger man reportedly struck the older man's face, causing the man to plummet and strike his head. The man fell on a driveway made of concrete. He was transported to a hospital and ended up dying as a result of his injuries. The man who is believed to have struck him now faces manslaughter charges after a medical examiner determined that the victim passed away due to blunt-force trauma and, thus, ruled the death a homicide. His bond was set at $50,000.

The man facing manslaughter charges in Florida may choose to go to trial on the merits of the accusations made against him. At trial, prosecutors would be forced to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. The man may also be offered a plea deal. While he is not under any obligation to accept it, it might allow him the best chance to make an educated decision regarding all of his criminal defense options.

Source: floridatoday.com, "Titusville man charged in Mims man's death", Jan. 15, 2016

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