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Seeking legal help re criminal offense in Florida

Florida is a state bustling with tourists, travelers, retirees and many thousands of residents who share roadways and interact in personal and business settings on a daily basis. In a variety of circumstances or incidents that occur between motorists, neighbors, employers/employees or other parties, law enforcement agents sometimes issues charges of a criminal offense against one or more persons involved. Especially for someone who has never before been accused of a crime, such a situation can be very worrisome and stressful.

If arrested or charged with a crime, it is important to know where to turn for legal assistance. Crafting a strong defense is often a crucial link to achieving a positive outcome in court. A person facing criminal charges is advised to seek effective representation by retaining the help of an attorney who can act as a legal advocate in all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials.

Attorneys at Delgado & Romanik are dedicated to assisting those in need of criminal defense. Our experienced legal team can thoroughly  investigate the events leading to your arrest and is prepared to aggressively protect your rights. One of our attorneys is a former chief prosecutor who has had 35 years of experience trying criminal cases, including more than 50 first-degree murder trials. A clear understanding of both sides of the law allows us to offer sound legal counsel, taking into account all possible strategies the prosecution may plan to use against you.

Whether the criminal offense with which you've been charged involves firearms-related issues, conflicts with a neighbor, drug possession or white collar crime incidents, Delgado & Romanik will make your legal problems our priority as we act to obtain a positive result on your behalf in court. Those who cannot come directly to our Florida office can arrange for consultation at a location of their choosing elsewhere in the state. Both our telephone number and electronic contact form are available on our website.

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