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Man in Florida facing drug charges after a traffic stop

A Florida man, age 25, was recently arrested on drug-related charges. His charges include possessing drugs, as well as fleeing from police. The man facing drug charges is actually the son of an individual who is running for sheriff in one county.

Police reported that they received a tip that the 25-year-old man was in the local area to buy heroin. They uncovered his vehicle's make and model, and they also found out that his driver's license had recently been suspended. When police saw the man's vehicle along U.S. Highway 19, they tried to pull his vehicle over.

The man then reportedly attempted to flee, going faster than 80 mph in an area zoned as residential. When the driver went down a street that led to a dead end, police were able to apprehend him. Police searched the man's car and allegedly found a glass pipe that had some marijuana residue in it. They also said they discovered a digital scale and bags. It also appeared that the man had tossed out several little bags of marijuana and heroin, and these bags were recovered so that they could be checked for fingerprints and DNA.

The drug charges that the man faces have to be proved by the prosecution in court beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard exists with the goal of protecting innocent people from being convicted of and sentenced for crimes. The individual facing drug charges has the right to defend himself at trial and take advantage of the legal protections guaranteed to him under both Florida law and federal law.

Source: Bradenton, FL, Patch, "Drug Charges for Sheriff Hopeful's Son", Sherri Lonon, Dec. 7, 2015

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