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December 2015 Archives

Child welfare case manager faces charges for several drug crimes

A 42-year-old Florida woman who was a case manager for a child welfare organization was recently removed from her position. This followed her arrest on charges of several drug crimes that were filed after a search warrant was executed at her home. She is awaiting a court hearing that is scheduled for January.

Man in Florida facing drug charges after a traffic stop

A Florida man, age 25, was recently arrested on drug-related charges. His charges include possessing drugs, as well as fleeing from police. The man facing drug charges is actually the son of an individual who is running for sheriff in one county.

Seeking legal help re criminal offense in Florida

Florida is a state bustling with tourists, travelers, retirees and many thousands of residents who share roadways and interact in personal and business settings on a daily basis. In a variety of circumstances or incidents that occur between motorists, neighbors, employers/employees or other parties, law enforcement agents sometimes issues charges of a criminal offense against one or more persons involved. Especially for someone who has never before been accused of a crime, such a situation can be very worrisome and stressful.

Florida criminal defense: Teen may qualify for boot camp program

A teen who currently resides in Florida has been charged for his alleged involvement in a fatal shooting that occurred earlier this year. This young man is facing a felony murder charge that could result in significant jail time if he is convicted. The teenager's mom and his criminal defense team claim he was merely a tagalong in the incident and is innocent. They are still working to achieve the best possible outcome for this tragic situation.

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