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September 2015 Archives

7 Florida contractors accused of a crime

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office has made seven arrests in connection with an investigation of area contractors. The investigation is known as Operation Freelancer II, and it is aimed at protecting consumers from unlicensed contractors. The men who were arrested and accused of a crime are all said to have offered home repair services to area residents without being properly licensed.

Rapper faces assault charges after kicking a fan

A recent incident at a Lakeland, Florida nightclub has led to serious allegations against the rapper Kevin Gates. During a performance at Rumor's, the performer allegedly kicked a teenage fan who was in the audience. He has been charged with simple assault and could also face damage to his career as the matter receives widening media attention.

Death of dogs left in hot car not a criminal offense

A Florida police officer who left two K-9 dogs to die in a hot car will not face criminal charges for his actions. The case has led to a great deal of outrage in the community, as many people struggle to understand how such a horrific error could be made. To further complicate matters, many similar cases do result in criminal offense charges, leading some to claim that the police officer has not been held to the same standards that others are expected to meet.

Criminal charges dropped against guitar player

Florida readers may recall a case that gained a significant volume of media attention this summer. A young man performed a guitar rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" on a Neptune Beach street and was arrested for his show of patriotism. He was taken into police headquarters under suspicion of breaching the peace. Those criminal charges were recently dropped, ending what many viewed as an error in judgement by police.

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