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Florida residents reeling after horrific violent crime

A Florida woman is facing murder charges after a series of events that left both her father and daughter dead. Police are still trying to piece together what took place to end those lives and what role the woman might have played in the killings. For now, she has been arrested and charged with the most heinous of violent crime allegations.

According to authorities, the woman killed her 50-year-old father and 6-year-old daughter. Their bodies were found dismembered and stored in a neighbor's shed. There may have been several days between the murders and the storage of the bodies, reports indicate.

Prosecutors and law enforcement are taking this case very seriously, and they have issued public statements about the woman and their confidence in her guilt. It is alleged that she conducted these killings based on ideas inspired by the hit television show "Criminal Minds." In showing a photo of the woman, a sheriff told an audience that they were looking at the face of a cold-blooded killer. 

These allegations are serious, and the loss of life in this case is hard to comprehend. As more details become available, Florida residents who are following the story may learn more about the family and the role that this woman may have played in the crimes. If she did in fact end the lives of her father and child, those assigned to her criminal defense of these violent crime charges will likely take a close look at her mental health history in order to seek answers. While it is far too soon to make assumptions about the case, it is difficult for many to comprehend how a person could undertake such violent acts.

Source: gulflive.com, "Florida woman kills father, daughter in murder inspired by 'Criminal Minds'", Meagan Morris, Aug. 3, 2015

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