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Victim wants assault charges filed against officers

A recent altercation between a Florida man and two police officers has led to a call for criminal charges to be filed, but these charges are not within the norm. This is because the party who may have committed assault is not the man, but the two police officers who arrested him. The matter comes at a time when the force that is sometimes employed by law enforcement officers is being closely examined, and when the public is becoming more aware of the manner in which some police officers treat the individuals with whom they come in contact.

The incident began when police approached the 30-year-old man on a downtown Orlando street. The man was with a woman with whom he has a relationship, and police claim that he was restraining the woman against her will. What happened next is unclear, but the man asserts that the two police officers began to beat him for no reason. Photographs provided to reporters show wounds to his head, side and arms.

The officers claim that the man attempted to flee, and that he was drunk and uncooperative during the altercation. The man claims that he was doing nothing wrong, and that the officers kicked and beat him, and then intentionally placed him in handcuffs that were too tight. He claims to have been shocked when the officers began to physically abuse him.

There are at least two videos of the altercation, although they seem to show different aspects of the incident. In one, the man is shown trying to get away from the officers. He is also seemingly unaffected by the use of a stun gun, pepper spray and a police baton. In another video, he is sitting on the ground in a passive manner while being kicked by one officer.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident, and an internal department investigation into the alleged assault is also underway. The man who was involved in the altercation is a banker, and he fears that the incident will bring harm to his career. He has been charged with resisting arrest, domestic battery and battery on a law enforcement officer. As of the time of this report, neither officer involved in the alleged attack has been disciplined or removed from duty.

Source: wesh.com, "Man kicked by Orlando police officer wants criminal charges filed", June 10, 2015

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