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Teen facing serious violent crime charges

Many Florida readers are aware of a recent shooting that took place on a school bus in Jacksonville nearly a month ago. The incident shocked residents, many of whom believed that area children are safe and secure while riding to and from school. In a recent announcement, prosecutors announced that they would be prosecuting the 16-year-old shooter as an adult with regard to the violent crime charges.

The incident remains under investigation, but police believe that the shooting was the end result of escalating tensions between multiple students following the traffic death of another area high school student. It is possible that there was a dispute between students over how the deceased teen's memory would be honored. The bus serves three of the area's alternative schools, although the deceased teen was not a student at any of those schools.

Police believe that the 16-year-old boy brought a gun onto the bus and shot two female students. One was shot in the back of the head; the other through both cheeks. Both girls are 15 years of age, and both survived the shooting and are recovering from their injuries. The young man whom police believe was responsible for the violent attack is charged with attempted second degree murder and shooting a deadly missile. He may also be charged with child endangerment, as there were approximately 30 kids on the bus at the time of the shooting.

This teenager and his family are facing a difficult time as the case against him moves forward. In order to avoid potentially dire punitive measures, an aggressive legal defense strategy must be set into motion immediately. Because the teen is being charged as an adult in the Florida matter, these violent crime charges could lead to a drastic change in the course of the rest of his life.

Source: jacksonville.com, "Teen suspect in Jacksonville school bus shooting charged with attempted murder as an adult", Larry Hannan, May 29, 2015

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