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June 2015 Archives

Man accused of a crime weeks after theft occurs

A Florida man was recently arrested after a traffic stop, and he now faces two sets of unrelated criminal charges after police linked him to a crime that took place weeks earlier. The 49-year-old Collier County resident will now have two separate matters to address before the court. He was being held at the Naples Jail Center as of the time of this report. As is the case for anyone accused of a crime in the state of Florida, he will have the right to have an attorney assist him as he prepares both cases.

Victim wants assault charges filed against officers

A recent altercation between a Florida man and two police officers has led to a call for criminal charges to be filed, but these charges are not within the norm. This is because the party who may have committed assault is not the man, but the two police officers who arrested him. The matter comes at a time when the force that is sometimes employed by law enforcement officers is being closely examined, and when the public is becoming more aware of the manner in which some police officers treat the individuals with whom they come in contact.

Former teacher to face new claims of sex offenses

Many Florida readers are aware of a case in which a Lauderdale Lakes substitute teacher was charged with having sexual relations with multiple students. Just a week later, the 25-year-old man is back before the court, and is being accused of additional sex offenses, also involving underage female students. News of the teacher's arrest and the charges against him have led to outrage within the community.

Teen facing serious violent crime charges

Many Florida readers are aware of a recent shooting that took place on a school bus in Jacksonville nearly a month ago. The incident shocked residents, many of whom believed that area children are safe and secure while riding to and from school. In a recent announcement, prosecutors announced that they would be prosecuting the 16-year-old shooter as an adult with regard to the violent crime charges.

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