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Circumcision forms the base of Mom's criminal defense

A recent news story out of Florida has sparked intense debate across the nation. A mother was incarcerated for contempt of court after she and her child's father could not come to terms with whether or not their 4-year-old son should be circumcised. When the mother refused to allow the procedure and presented a criminal defense surrounding her ability to make choices for her child, a judge sent her to jail.

The issue came before the court due to the fact that the parents had reached an agreement in writing concerning the matter of circumcision. However, the mother later changed her mind and asked that her son not go through that procedure. That change of heart constituted a refusal to abide by the existing agreement.

The case went to a circuit court and then went through the appellate process, during which both courts sided with the boy's father. When the father made efforts to find a surgeon to perform the procedure, he encountered difficulty due to the fact that the surgeons were unable to obtain the mother's consent. Protesters also targeted some surgeons, which led to difficulties.

After spending a week in jail, the Florida mother consented to the operation in exchange for her release. Many who have been following the case are outraged at this series of events and feel that she was forced into signing off on the circumcision against her wishes. A separate incident occurred in which she kept her son beyond the timeline established within the parenting agreement. She was charged with interference with child custody, and she will soon have another chance to present a criminal defense before the court.

Source: news.yahoo.com, "After week in jail, Florida mom agrees to son's circumcision", Matt Sedensky, May 22, 2015

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