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Florida man bitten by snake, may face criminal charges

Florida residents are aware that many of the same environmental conditions that make our state an attractive place to live are also appealing to various types of wildlife. Snakes are particularly fond of the warm weather and multiple wetlands present throughout the state, and many different types of snakes call Florida home. In a recent case that has gained a great deal of media attention, a man suffered a snake bite to his face, and may also face criminal charges in the matter.

The man, an 18-year-old Wimauma resident, is believed to have caught the snake while swimming. He then proceeded to tie the snake within a pillowcase and stored it at his home. As he was sleeping, the snake, which is believed to be either a water moccasin or cottonmouth, escaped from the pillowcase and slithered across the man's chest. When he awoke, the snake bit him in the face.

The man required hospitalization to treat the bite and was in critical condition at one point. He is now recovering, although a photograph was taken after the bite shows his face in an incredibly swollen and bruised condition. Unfortunately, the snakebite is not the worst of his troubles, as he could face criminal charges in the matter.

In the state of Florida, it is illegal to own a venomous snake without a permit. The man, in this case, lacked the proper paperwork and could face criminal charges for capturing and storing the snake. The reptile who issued the bite was euthanized for the purpose of determining its species.

Source: inquisitr.com, "Captured Water Moccasin Bites Man, And He May Face Criminal Charges After Recovery", April 22, 2015

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