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April 2015 Archives

Florida man bitten by snake, may face criminal charges

Florida residents are aware that many of the same environmental conditions that make our state an attractive place to live are also appealing to various types of wildlife. Snakes are particularly fond of the warm weather and multiple wetlands present throughout the state, and many different types of snakes call Florida home. In a recent case that has gained a great deal of media attention, a man suffered a snake bite to his face, and may also face criminal charges in the matter.

Student may have violated Florida criminal law

A student at Barry University may have crossed a line in recording a secret video of an on-campus meeting in which individuals discussed creating a pro-Islamic State group. The woman was acting in support of the conservative group Project Veritas when she filmed the meeting. Because Florida has laws in place that prohibit making a video recording without the permission of all who are being recorded, the student may have run afoul of Florida criminal law.

Investigation nets 42 arrests related to fraud, identity theft

Identity theft continues to be a pressing concern for many Florida residents, and federal and state authorities have increased efforts to address the problem. A recent investigation led to the arrest of 42 individuals whom police believe tried to claim tax returns that belonged to others. The identity theft and fraud arrests come just days before the deadline to file 2014 tax returns.

School employee arrested on sex charges

Florida residents consider sexually-motivated crimes against children to be among the most heinous and deplorable acts that an individual can commit. Therefore, law enforcement and the courts take these matters very seriously, and those who stand accused of sex charges are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No one would argue that children should be protected from sexual predators, or that those who commit such acts should be arrested and punished. However, it is important for the public to realize that not every case that makes the nightly news will end in a conviction.

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