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Florida woman faces violent crime charges in death of 2 children

There are some events that are almost too shocking to fully understand. When an alleged crime, for example, involves young children, many people desperately seek answers. Unfortunately, this desperation could prevent people from seeking a full understanding of the sequence of events preceding the alleged act. Police are still attempting to determine what happened after three children were injured in Florida. Their mother is now facing violent crime charges as a result.

The incident occurred one evening in March. Reports indicate that emergency calls were made by a woman claiming that she had killed her three children. A second call soon followed by the woman's boyfriend, and one of the children's father, after he arrived home from work.

Police say that when they arrived at the scene, the 33-year-old mother was holding a knife outside of the home. Because police claim she failed to comply with requests to drop the knife, they shot her with bean bag rounds. A deceased 7-year-old was found in the house, while a 6-year-old died soon afterward. An infant is in serious condition. The woman is being charged with murder and attempted murder.

There are many questions in this case that remain unanswered, including the cause of death. While there is an understandable cry for justice, it is important to remember that even those facing violent crime charges have rights to ensure they are treated fairly. The Florida woman in this case may want to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney who can carefully examine the details of her case and make recommendations regarding the legal options she has available to her.

Source: click2houston.com, "2 kids dead; Florida mom faces murder charges", Greg Botelho, March 21, 2015

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