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March 2015 Archives

Florida police officer facing criminal charges

An accusation of excessive force by an Orlando police officer has many Florida residents debating whether the men and women tasked with protecting the state's residents are guilty of abusing the power that comes with their position within the community. The case is the fourth time within two months that makes the claim that Orlando officers are abusing their power. Given the respect and admiration that police officers enjoy within the communities that they serve, the criminal charges have raised a number of questions for area residents.

Florida woman faces violent crime charges in death of 2 children

There are some events that are almost too shocking to fully understand. When an alleged crime, for example, involves young children, many people desperately seek answers. Unfortunately, this desperation could prevent people from seeking a full understanding of the sequence of events preceding the alleged act. Police are still attempting to determine what happened after three children were injured in Florida. Their mother is now facing violent crime charges as a result.

Woman facing charges of organized fraud

A Citrus County, Florida, woman is facing serious criminal charges after police say that she faked a cancer diagnosis in order to profit financially. The 36-year-old is facing three charges of felony organized fraud in the matter, and a conviction could bring serious punitive measures. Readers should note that, as of the time of this report, the only information on the case has come from police reports and interviews with law enforcement. The woman accused of these crimes has not yet given her side of the events that led to her recent arrest.

Medical marijuana grower found not guilty of criminal charges

The Florida courts recently completed a groundbreaking decision in a case that focused on an individual's rights to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. The case has garnered a great deal of media attention, as many within the state waited to see how a jury would rule on whether growing marijuana for one's personal medical use should result in criminal charges. Supporters of cannabis use as medicine feel that the outcome of the case is a major victory for their cause.

The Will of the People vs. the Federal Government

On February 26, 2015 Cannabis possession became legal in Washington D.C. under local laws. The Initiative was titled "Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014". In November voters overwhelmingly approved the right of their citizens to possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use. When the final votes were tallied 70% of voters agreed that an adult should have the right to possess a drug that is considerably safer than alcohol. The law allows for possession of up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use. It also allows an individual to grow three adult blossoming plants in one's personal residence. Our capital was the fourth such jurisdiction to legalize possession of recreational marijuana, following in the footsteps of Colorado, Washington, and Alaska.

Actor arrested for criminal mischief, grand theft

Many readers will remember the hit television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." One of the actors from that show, Nicholas Brendon, is back in the news, not for a new acting role but over accusations that he trashed a Florida hotel room and refused to pay for his room charges. The 43-year-old actor was arrested in the matter, and may have to address criminal charges in a court of law.

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