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February 2015 Archives

Vanilla Ice arrested for burglary and grand theft

Florida readers may remember the musical career of rapper Vanilla Ice; the man behind the huge 1990s hit "Ice, Ice, Baby." The performer went on to star in a hit reality television show called "The Vanilla Ice Project" in which he works with a team to purchase, restore and then sell South Florida homes. He is back in the news in recent days after he was arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft.

Bill could lead to criminal charges for transgendered

A recent piece of proposed legislation introduced before the Florida legislature has sparked debate across the nation. The bill addresses what some see as a gap within existing law in regard to the use of public bathrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities. While those behind the bill assert that the matter is one of public safety, many within the LGBT community feel that it is an attack on transgendered individuals, who could risk criminal charges if the bill is passed.

Law meant to include sexting within juvenile offenses

Florida readers may be aware of debate surrounding the practice of teenage "sexting," in which teens send explicit photos to one another via cell phones. The matter has caused contention within the state as parents and lawmakers struggle to address the practice. Laws have been passed to try and curb the distribution of illicit photos of minors by including the act among juvenile offenses, but the matter still leads to confusion between lawmakers, prosecutors and the courts.

New sentencing hearing for juvenile violent crime

A court in Florida will soon address a sentencing issue that could change the fate of a 24-year-old man who was previously convicted of killing his sister. The case is headed back to court for resentencing, based on the fact that the United States Supreme Court has banned the handing down of mandatory life sentences for juveniles convicted of murder. This juvenile violent crime case marks the first in Miami-Dade County to have the sentence reassessed.

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