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Having the Talk - Discussing Legal Fees

New clients are the life's blood of any business; the commercial landscape is littered with the shallow graves of failed ideas and unsuccessful businesses that failed to attract and keep customers.  Capitalism supports the "dog eat dog" business world suggesting consumers win when companies fight. But is this true for the legal profession and legal fees? Do you want the cheapest lawyer in town?

Normally, if you want a new car, you find the model you want and look for the dealership with the lowest price.  The car will be the same regardless of what dealership sells it to you. But, this is not a car you are buying - each attorney has different levels of experience, skill, and resources to bring to a case. Do you want an attorney who is part of a firm with cutting-edge technology, who has someone available 24/7 to answer calls, several paralegals setting hearings or coordinating depositions, and who has every legal research tool possible? Well, the attorney has to pay for all those tools.

Competition has definitely put pressure on prices.  Lawyers undercut each other in hopes of getting your business, but sometimes too low of a price should be a red flag. Many attorneys are not comfortable discussing financial arrangements with clients, but this is a huge source of potential problems on both sides.  An attorney should be able to explain how their attorney's fees are arrived at (in general terms based on the degree of difficulty and the number of hours they expect to spend on the case) and to also explain what costs you can expect. Costs are not "going in the attorneys' pockets" but are going to be used for your defense.  You do not want to cut costs! You want your attorney to use every tool possible.  Talk with your attorney about the overall defense budget, but do not resent or refuse to incur costs.  Lawyers do not profit by increasing your costs - the only person who stands to win from carefully spent costs is you!

As I have written before, it is hard enough to find the right lawyer to hire! When you consider all the competition for your business, it is no wonder you end up feeling frustrated, confused and worn out. At Delgado & Romanik, we are always willing to take the time to meet with you and discuss the entire cost of your legal defense, from legal fees to expert costs.  The initial consultation is always complimentary.  If you or a loved one wants to meet with experienced aggressive and dedicated attorneys who are committed to a first-rate legal defense, please contact us immediately to schedule an office visit.

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